Why You Should See an Osteopath For Back Pain Treatment

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Millions of Australians suffer from chronic back pain. And the statistics are quite staggering, with the direct cost of back pain to Australians coming in at around 1 billion dollars per year in lost productivity and disability.

If you’re one of those who suffer, you might be looking for back pain treatment in Melbourne. And don’t worry, North Melbourne Osteopathy has got you covered.

In this article, we’ll explore why so many of us suffer from back pain and why you should see an Osteopath for back pain treatment in Melbourne.

back pain treatment Melbourne

Why is back pain such a common problem today?

Australians are suffering from back pain more today than ever before. This is because of prolonged use of mobile phones and sitting at computers for long periods every day.

The statistics are pretty shocking – on average most Australians spend up to 9 hours per day in front of screens. That’s more time than we spend sleeping! And all this screen time is affecting our posture, comfort and quality of life.

Thankfully, there’s a solution. Osteopaths can provide effective back pain treatment in Melbourne by addressing your musculoskeletal and postural problems. Osteopaths can help to relieve your back pain and prescribe exercises to address it moving forward.

Why Osteopathy provides effective back pain treatment in Melbourne

Osteopathy is a holistic back pain treatment that utilises a variety of different hands-on techniques to help relieve back pain.

Osteopaths look at your body as a whole, and instead of just treating the symptoms of back pain, they’ll look at what’s causing your pain and how to best bring your body back into alignment. This holistic approach is what makes osteopathy such an effective, long-term back pain treatment in Melbourne.

Osteopathic techniques include; gentle massage, spinal manipulation, muscle energy technique, counter strain technique and cranial osteopathy.

These manual techniques help to restore or improve joint mobility, relieve muscle tension and knots, reduce pain and stiffness, improve blood flow and enhance tissue elasticity.

What happens when you see an Osteopath for back pain treatment in Melbourne?

During your first appointment, your osteopath will provide a thorough consultation to get a good understanding of your history, injuries, lifestyle and level of physical activity. You may be asked to fill out a client questionnaire to outline where you’re experiencing pain and how severe it is.

Your osteopath will then complete a physical examination. They’ll look at things like your posture while standing, your range of motion while performing movements and an assessment of your thoracic mobility and tenderness.

From there, your osteopath for back pain treatment in Melbourne will use a variety of manual, ‘hands on’ techniques to ease your pain and start to bring your body back into alignment.

Depending on what your specific issues are you may need a series of treatments for your back pain, which your osteopath will outline at the end of your first session.

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