6 Benefits of an Osteopath for Teenagers

benefits of an osteopath

Growing from a child into an adult typically involves painful growth spurts, drastic hormonal changes and some significant musculoskeletal changes. Fortunately, there are several benefits of an osteopath for your teenager.
Osteopaths can help with things like sporting injuries, proper posture, tech neck, and more!

In this article, we’ll cover 6 benefits of an osteopath for your teenagers.

Benefits of an Osteopath

Recovery from sporting injuries

Teenagers often put their growing bodies to the limits through playing competitive sports and other physical activities. One of the great benefits of an osteopath is their ability to treat sporting injuries and relieve muscle tension. An osteopath can treat joint and ligament strains that occur as a result of injury and bring your teenager’s body back into balance so that they can recover faster.

Build postural strength

The amount of time that your teenager spends on their laptop, mobile phone or gaming console can have a direct impact on their posture. Poor posture leads to poor breathing techniques, stiff joints, back pain, functional scoliosis and more. Regular osteo treatments can help your teenager build more postural strength, which is just one of the many benefits of an osteopath.

Diagnosis and management of conditions

Another one of the benefits of an osteopath is their ability to diagnose health conditions in your teenager. Typical adolescent conditions include scoliosis, Sever’s disease (pain in the back of the heel bone) and Osgood Schlatter Disease (knee pain). By diagnosing these conditions early, an osteopath will be able to effectively manage your teenager’s condition and help to relieve the pain associated with these diseases.

Better breathing techniques

If your teenager is constantly slouching or sitting with their shoulders rolled forward they are likely putting unnecessary strain on their rib cage and lungs, leading to poor breathing technique. One of the secondary benefits of an osteopath and bringing the body back into balance is that your teenager will build better breathing techniques when they correct their posture. Better breathing means more oxygen in the blood which will make them feel happier and healthier.

Improved concentration and learning

When your growing teenager has their posture and breathing sorted out, you’ll discover that their concentration and focus at school improves too. Better posture allows for more air in the lungs, more oxygen in the blood, and more brain food. This usually manifests as improved concentration, thoughts and ideas for better learning.

A great posture for life

If you can get your teenager used to standing and sitting with correct posture early on, they’ll be set up for better health later in life. This is probably one of the biggest benefits of an osteopath for your teenager. Proper posture means fewer aches and pains or trouble breathing later in life.

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