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The best time to see us at North Melbourne Osteopath is before pain stops you completely in it’s tracks. If you notice you are a bit tight in your back after sitting in your office chair or you are not sleeping as well as you usually do. Book an appointment, small concerns will generally be faster to heal and less costly if addressed sooner rather than later.

Osteopathy for Seniors

Ageing is a natural physiological process in life. One part of the body which is greatly affected by the process of ageing is the musculoskeletal system. As we get older, the elasticity present within our body deteriorates, which increases the risk of injuring the soft tissues and bony structures of the body.

Osteopathy for Sports

At North Melbourne Osteopathy we treat a wide range of sports athletes from professional sports men and women to weekend ‘warriors’. We appreciate the frustration that is experienced when an injury occurs and how vital it is to receive the correct diagnosis and prognosis to best treatment and manage your injury.

Osteopathy for Pregnancy

As the pregnancy progresses, the extra weight creates a shift in the body’s centre of gravity (forward weight carriage), an alteration of the spinal curves and relaxation and softening of the muscles and supporting ligaments of the body. These changes may cause an increase in mechanical stress to the musculoskeletal system, resulting in pain and discomfort. When you need a osteopath you can trust you can’t go past the best Melbourne Osteopath – North Melbourne Osteopathy.

WorkCover, TAC, DVA & EPC

North Melbourne Osteopathy is an approved service provider for WorkCover and Transport Accident Commission (TAC) Insurance claims. Cover for these services must be arranged with your insurance company. It is essential that you provide your claim number and contact details at the time of your initial consultation.

Osteopathy for Toddlers & Adolescents

As children develop and explore during this period, they often test their bodies’ ability and resilience to the limit. It is vital to ensure the stresses and strains they place on their bodies during play are not affecting their normal musculoskeletal development. When you need a osteopath you can trust, you can’t go past the best Melbourne Osteopath – North Melbourne Osteopathy.

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Tailored Osteopath Treatments that Deliver Results

At North Melbourne Osteopathy, our osteopaths are registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and Osteopathy Board of Australia (OA), which acts as the national professional body representing Osteopaths.

We require this in order to maintain the highest standards of our practitioners and to ensure excellence in patient care. Osteopathy is covered by all private health funds and the chronic Disease Management (CDM) scheme. In Australia, osteopaths are government registered practitioners who complete a minimum of five year’s university training.

Save With Repeat Visits

Take Care of Yourself with Regular Osteopathic Treatment

Osteopathic treatment is actually a preventative therapy, our treatment is designed to return your body into balance so you can live pain free for life and perform to your maximum potential. The benefits of osteopathy include improvements in mobility and structural stability of the body; as well as improving efficiency of the circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems function.

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The North Melbourne Difference


Our facility offers HICAPS facilities for private healthcare rebates. This terminal allows easy and simplicity for 98% of all healthcare funds.


North Melbourne Osteopathy has the unique advantage of being the only local rehabilitation specialist who works with Physitrack, an app specialising in educating and tracking patients throughout their recovery journey as well as improving the lines of communication between patient and specialist.

Emergency Services

We take pride in going above and beyond for our patients, this includes emergency services. We understand the discomfort associated with both acute and chronic conditions, if you need to see us, we will make every effort to see you that same day.

Medical Certificates

Upon request, our Osteopathy treatments can be accompanied by a doctors certificate for workplace absence. We are also able to offer TAC PATIENTS treatment with no out of pocket expense or gap fee.

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Our practice was founded through many years of experience across multiple osteopathic clinics, our treatment focuses on providing the best possible outcomes for you.
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