Scoliosis Treatment Melbourne

Scoliosis Treatment Melbourne

Scoliosis treatment in Melbourne is often surgical in nature, making it very high-risk and expensive. That being said, there’s a far safer treatment available: osteopathy. This article is going to give you a deeper understanding of scoliosis and tell you how osteopathy can help.

Factors of Progression

There are four factors that can determine what the chances of your scoliosis progressing will be.


The first thing that can affect progression is your gender. Scoliosis in females is more likely to progress when compared to male cases, thus women should be especially careful and seek immediate treatment.


The shape of the curve can also impact the progression of your scoliosis. If you have an S-shaped curve then it’s more likely to worsen in comparison to C-shaped curves. However, even those with a C-shaped curve may require treatment.


The location of the curve is another factor that should be considered. Curves that are present in the centre of your spine are more likely to progress than those found at the lower or upper sections. Again, this is merely a rule of thumb and does have exceptions.


Finally, the severity of the curve is a major factor for progression. If the curve is larger then its odds of worsening are proportionally higher. The positive correlation is one that was established relatively early on in medicine.

Risks Associated with Scoliosis


Scoliosis can cause damage to your heart in some severe cases. This is why it’s extremely crucial that you get the best treatment as soon as possible before irreparable changes occur. Getting regular exercise and proper nutrition can also stave off various heart problems.


Severe cases of scoliosis can also damage the lungs. This occurs when the rib cage presses against your lungs, impeding its ability to freely supply oxygen to the rest of your body. That results in added stress since your lungs will need to work extra hard to respirate.


Many studies show that those who have scoliosis are at a higher risk of suffering from chronic back pain in comparison to other people in the general population. This can make it difficult to perform at work, the gym, and even at home.

Why Osteopathy

Some people have surgery to correct their scoliosis. That being said, there are countless risks that come with invasive procedures. For one, you could suffer nerve damage during the procedure which can seriously debilitate you.

Infection and postoperative bleeding — not to mention pain — are other complications that you may need to deal with. There are even some cases where the bone fails to heal properly, in which case you’ll have to undergo a follow-up surgery.

Why risk all the potential side effects that may be worse than scoliosis itself when you can get treated in a non-invasive way through osteopathy? We don’t know about you, but we like to keep things as low risk as possible when it comes to personal health.

The Best Scoliosis Treatment in Melbourne

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