Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic: The Ultimate Guide for Neck Pain

Get rid of that annoying and constant ‘crick’ sensation. This comprehensive guide to neck pain treatment should get you started. 

Neck pain can cause severe disruption to your everyday living, mainly if it is acute.  Your neck undergoes a lot of strain daily, and the repetitive stress, incorrect stretching, or sudden injuries can lead to chronic pain. 

However, osteopaths can help you to deal with this issue comprehensively and holistically for your ultimate wellbeing. If you are experiencing neck pain that stays for several days before going away or finding it hard to move your head, then it’s time to seek the help of a professional. 

Visiting the best Melbourne osteopathic clinic available is an ideal treatment option.  

Causes of Neck Pain

There are several causes of neck pain, and the reasons vary as much as the patient’s daily circumstances. These include: 

  • Accidents: a car accident could result in whiplash and frequent neck pains 
  • Straining during exercise, particularly when lifting heavy weights or overexertion 
  • Poor sleeping positions
  • Pinched nerves
  • Non-ergonomic sitting positions at work
  • Chronic stress

Neck Pain Treatment Methods

Neck pain diagnosis and treatment varies according to the cause and the medical history of the patient. Some treatment options require drug intervention, but most osteopaths do not go this way and offer manual drug-free treatment. 

These treatment options include: 

Pain Relievers 

The use of pain relievers to treat neck pain is a common approach to deal with this health issue. 

However, pain relievers do not offer a permanent solution, and there are high chances of a relapse, with the pain sometimes becoming chronic.

Use of Muscle Relaxants, Rubs, and Sprays

When you visit a Melbourne osteopath clinic, the osteopath can decide to use a muscle relaxant or medicated rub. This approach utilises pain balms and relaxants that are applied on your neck muscles to relieve pain. 

Alternatively, the osteopath can use a muscle spray in place of medicated rubs. Also, anti-inflammatory medicines can work well when you have numbness in your neck. 

Osteopathic Therapy


Sometimes, therapeutic approaches may not work well for you. You may want a drug-free treatment to help relieve your neck pain. 

Osteopath treatment focuses on improving the movement and flexibility of your neck joints to eliminate muscle spasm. This therapy combines soft tissue massage, manipulation of the spine and nerves, and mobilisation movements. These approaches enhance pain-relieving and fasten the healing process.

Apart from these treatments, your osteopath can offer some recommendations that will prevent future occurrences of neck pain. For instance, your osteopath could advise that you change your sitting posture or recommend specific therapeutic exercises. 

Final Thoughts

Neck pain has a myriad of causes and treatment options. 

Exercise, movement, and good physical habits are the primary go-to solutions for neck pain. If these don’t work, osteopaths are your next port of call. They can apply a variety of treatments to your neck to relieve and eliminate the pain. 

Should you need treatment, visit a Melbourne osteopath clinic; they will recommend both drug-free and drug-assisted interventions to relieve and manage your neck pain.